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Health has never been easier.

GoGetDoc was born in 2019 with the mission of transforming how consumers find and use modern healthcare. In 2019 the team launched Wellpay, the simplest way for consumers to deal with healthcare billing. Since those early days, the company has been at the forefront of helping consumers across the country easily find testing though GoGetTested, vaccinations through GoGetVax, and the simplest universal digital vaccine passport, VaxYes.

Founded in 2019 in San Mateo California.

We launched our first product, Wellpay in late 2019 with the aim to transform the money aspects of healthcare.
Our Mission

To make modern healthcare

Easier to find and use for everyone.

Focus on Security.

Team has a long history of developing secure consumer and enterprise experiences in Healthcare, Fintech, and Travel.
Covid-19 Response

Transforming health care, starts during Covid.

Prioritizing the greatest impact.
The GoGetDoc team has dedicated our effort to solving how consumers find and use modern healthcare during the pandemic. Helping consumers in many states find Covid tests, vaccination locations, and vaccine passports to enable re-opening plans.
Fast facts

Over 2M consumers have used trusted us to get healthcare jobs done.

And growing....
Our Philosophy

Designed from the ground-up.

With consumers in mind.
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Executive Bio.
Mohammad Gaber, Founder & CEO.

Mohammad is a Silicon Valley based serial entrepreneur with decades of experience building large scale e-commerce, finch, travel, and consumer oriented technology. Prior to GoGetDoc Mohammad led growth at Uplift, and Adobe.

Venture vetted and funded.
We're proud of the support of our investors who include 8VC, Montage Capital, Mubadala, UCSF Health, TTCER, amongst other world-class investors.
5 States.
Our teams are based in California, Texas, Florida, and Illinois
Recent Press
Last Update 07/2021
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